The MEAN Stack - Intro in Angular

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Sometimes it’s fun to learn about a project as you build a web app. In this series we will be going from a web app idea to prototype to test our idea. MEAN has incredible abilities in rapid prototyping so we will be seeing how the stack works while building out our grand business idea.

I really enjoy learning as I go and showing others that you don’t need to spend all your time trying to learn a concept, you can just dig right in and use the documentation along with experimentation to learn new concepts and ideas.

In this series while I may be pretty familiar with Node and building backends, I am still quite new on the Angular side so I will be learning some of this alongside you guys. I think it’s important to show you guys that developers never get anything right on the first try. I want to show how I learn to use a new language while being in project using the documentation and testing things.

This will be a fun experiment all the way around and this first video will talk about the idea we are thinking of implementing and starting to read through some Angular documentation to get our feet wet. If you want to get into the meat of building an app with MEAN, feel free to skip this first video.

Tweet at us if you need help. Cheers!